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Get paid for every unit of electricity that your Solar PV system produces, guaranteed for 20yrs!

In April 2010 the UK Government introduced the Feed In Tariff scheme to encourage individuals and businesses to invest in renewable energy sources like Solar electricity.

How The Scheme Works?

Feed In Tariff

Anyone who invests in a Solar PV system before Dec 31st 2014 will be paid a premium for all the electricity that their Solar system produces whether they use the electricity or not. This premium is called a Feed in Tariff payment or FiT payment as it is more commonly known. FiT payments are tax free index linked payments paid to you by your energy provider for 20 yrs and guaranteed by the UK Government. In order to qualify for Fit payments, your Solar PV system must be installed by an MCS and RECC accredited installer.

Export Tariff

As well as being paid for all the electricity that you system produces, you will also be paid an additional payment for any electricity that you don’t use and feed back to the National grid. This payment is called an Export tariff, and is paid to you by your energy provider.

Savings On Your Electricity Bills

Once you have made the decision to invest in Solar power you will enjoy substantial savings on your electricity bills and long-term protection against rapidly rising energy costs. Depending on the size of system installed, savings can be as much as 50%. With bills rising sharply, there couldn’t be a better time than now to invest in Solar power!

Fantastic Investment opportunity!

At present the current Fit rate for a system up to 4kw is a generous 14.38p per unit of electricity produced, and the export tariff is 4.77p for every unit of electricity fed back to the national grid which at present is estimated at 50%. Considering that payments are tax free, indexed linked and guaranteed by the UK Government for 20yrs, you will have one of the most secure and financially rewarding investment opportunities available!

Financial benefit for a typical 4kw Solar PV system on a south facing roof

Average annual FIT income : L 564

Average annual Energy bill savings : L 314

Average annual Export income : L 93

Total average annual benefits : L 971

Total benefits over 20 yrs: L 19 420

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How Do I Get Started??

Having your Solar PV system installed by S-Power could not be made simpler! An experienced Solar PV specialist will visit your home or business to establish what type of system is most suited for your property. We then send you a detailed quotation along with an accurate analysis of what to expect from your system in terms of energy yield, performance and payback time on investment. Your Installation will then take place on an agreed date with you, and S-Power takes care of the rest. It couldn’t be any easier!


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