Solar Edge

SolarEdge Technologies is a provider of distributed solar power harvesting and monitoring systems. SolarEdge solution maximizes photovoltaic (PV) power generation by up to 25%, while reducing costs and complexities. SolarEdge systems are deployed worldwide by leading PV installers and can be integrated with any PV module. The systems are suitable for residential, commercial and also large scale installations.

The SolarEdge system is comprised of three elements:

PowerBox™: a DC-DC power optimizer that is integrated into each solar module and optimizes energy output through constant tracking of the Maximum Power Point (MPP), while monitoring performance of each module.

SolarEdge Inverter: a DC-AC inverter. Fixed string voltage ensures operation at high efficiency at all times (max 98%), independent of string length and temperature.

SolarEdge Monitoring Portal: a web-based application provides module-level, string-level and system-wide monitoring. The software automatically provides alerts on underperforming modules, faults and safety events, visually pinpointed on a site layout map.

The SolarEdge innovative solution provides key advantages in design, installation, maintenance and future expansion:

Maximum Power Harvesting - per module MPP tracking enables production of up to 25% more power through removal of partial shading sensitivity, module mismatch losses, and under/over voltage losses.

Flexible Design for Maximum Space Utilization - traditional design constraints are removed: a single inverter can be connected to parallel strings of different lengths and to modules on differing roof facets. Mismatch immunity enables straightforward module replacements and expansion.

Balance of System Cost Reduction - design flexibility and longer strings allow for savings on wiring, diodes, fuses and other hardware, in addition to communication gateway integral to the inverter.

Module-level Monitoring & Troubleshooting - real time monitoring revolutionizes installation feedback and maintenance troubleshooting. In-module monitoring continuously tracks module performance, supported by data analysis software and automatic detection of faults and safety events.

Installer & Firefighter Safety - electrocution and fire risks are eliminated through automatic module shutdown during installation, service or fire.

Reliability - all system components are designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. A 25 year PowerBox warranty and a 12 year inverter warranty.

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