Fronius inverters

Fronius has been engaged in solar electronics since 1992, in particular in the development and production of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters and components for professional system monitoring.

Fronius Solar Electronics stands for quality and high-tech to generate, convert and harness energy in a regenerative way. Fronius Solar Electronics offers highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules.

For UK market we use mainly the Fronius IG TL transformerless inverter family, perfect for system sizes ranging from single-family homes up to agricultural or commercial operations.

Inverters available:

  • Fronius IG TL 3000
  • Fronius IG TL 4000
  • Fronius IG 20
  • Fronius IG 30
  • Fronius IG Plus 30
  • Fronius IG Plus 35

For further information see manufacturers web pages:

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