Calculate benefits and price
of your solar PV system

The benefits calculator

Usable area of your roof: m2
The expected number of solar panels:
The cost of electricity per kWh: L
Energy consumption estimate: %
The performance of solar power plant :
Anual production of electricity from power plant:
Annual income - Feed in tariff:
Annual income - Export tariff:
Annual savings:
Annual benefits - Total:
Estimated income and saving in 20 years

Not to waste your time, we offer you the opportunity to calculate your benefits from solar power. All you have to do is to enter into our calculator the usable area of your clear roof space, the rate you're paying per kWh (Cost of a Unit is normally L0.16) of electricity and an estimate of how much units of energy your powerplant produce you consume.

The calculation is approximate and valid for the area of the clear roof space, the oriented is to the south with a roof inclination of 35 degrees.

This calculation is based on the government guaranteed rate at L0.1438 for a kWh which is index linked to yearly inflation and export tariff at L0.0477 for a kWh.

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